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10/10/11  10:28 pm
Commenter: Richard T. Salmon

Discrimination Against Faith Based Adoption Agencies

I understand there are a few same-sex "couples" who want to adopt children. How anyone thinks such "couples" would provide appropriate role models for children I don't know. When such a "couple" cannot not produce a child, why should anyone think it makes any sense for them to raise one? What adds to my puzzlement is the self contradictory attitude of homosexuals rights advocates. Even though homosexuals rights advocates insist that the rest of us must respect their sexual orientation as normal, they think it unimportant to provide appropriate role models for heterosexual children. That's called hypocrisy.

Same-sex sex made be "normal", but that does not make it health or right. If faith-based adoption agencies want to discriminate against same-sex couples, they should be allowed to do so. Requiring that they do otherwises constitutes religious discrimination.



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