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10/10/11  8:55 pm
Commenter: Tony and Rosemary Antunes

Preserving Religious Fredom

Requiring faith-based adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals puts many of them in an untenable situation. Either they must approve of, and facilitate living arrangements directly contrary to both the natural law and the tenets of their faith, or they must cease and desist their charitable activity altogether.

This engineered regulatory discrimination serves none of the principals in the adoption process.  In Virginia, homosexuals can adopt, and certain agencies specialize in such proceedings. Since homosexuals are, in fact, not being discriminated against, the only reason for the regulation is the advancement of the homosexual agenda seeking equality with married couples.

Clearly, forcing religious groups out of the adoption business will not help more children be adopted. Please do not allow this regulation to take effect.


Tony and Rosemary Antunes

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