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10/10/11  7:20 pm
Commenter: John Becton

Protect Our Freedom to Disagree


     Forcing private and religious organizations to choose between their longstanding convictions and providing needed social services would punish children for the state's intrusion into fundamental freedoms of belief.

1. The adoption agencies have the freedom to disagree with the life choices of potential parents. This is tied to religious freedom. Most of the religious adoption agencies have ALWAYS objected to the homosexual lifestyle. This is not a new belief. Mandating that these agencies violate their own beliefs is an assault on their religious freedom.

2. No person has a fundamental right to adopt a child. Compelling agencies to overlook a candidate's lifestyle would create a NEW right in a particular "protected" group of people by eliminating the right of religious belief for an ESTABLISHED group. 

     Please protect the freedom religion.


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