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10/10/11  4:32 pm
Commenter: Ric Birch

How can we still be debating discrimination by our government?

This is not a debate about whether a church can or cannot discriminate.  This is a debate about whether government funds can be used to support an organization that discriminates.

If a group of people believes God wants them to act superior to others and engage in anti-Christian behavior in order to get into heaven, I fully support them.  What I don't support, however, is my government providing them financial support.

Arguments used to discredit gay and lesbian parenting are not based on scientific study.  The medical associations have consistently found children raised by gay or lesbian parents are as healthy and well-adjusted as the rest of the population.

At a time when so much attention is being given to issues of self-esteem and bullying of young people of the LGBT community, how might a foster agency explain to a child needing placement that an otherwise desirable home is not available to him or her because the potential foster- or adoptive-parent is also a member of the LGBT community?

Again, this discussion is not about the rights of any religious organization.  It is about whether tax dollars can be used to support active discrimination against a segment of our society.

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