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10/10/11  3:21 pm
Commenter: J Seaman

Adoption versus Ignorance

I am shocked to read so many comments filled with hatred and bigotry.  Discrimination is NEVER anyone's "right" and that is exactly what some people and organizations are doing.  Children awaiting adoption deserve the best home that can be found for them... whether it be a traditional home, a single parent home or a LGBT home.  Most children need love and security and they will find their own unique and special path in life.  For those who oppose LGBT parents - would you want this child to be left in a foster home?  a group home? and in the home of another narrow-minded person full of hate and fear? 

This is 2011 and it is time for the state government, social agencies and the public to wake up and examine themselves.  Discrimination is never an acceptable action or solution.    

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