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10/10/11  2:28 pm
Commenter: Peter Fontneau, citizen

Discrimination in Adoption and Foster Care

I support inclusive language in 22VAC40-131-170B, to wit: "The licensee shall prohibit acts of discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability or family status to:"

The Administration is narrowly interpreting 42 USC 671 (PL 104-188 section 1808 (a) (3) in paragraph 18 which added three prohibited bases for denying services: race, color and national origin, and the Administration is doing so for its own narrow political and social purposes.  What is clear is that these three prohibited bases must be included in the regulation.  PL 105-89 section 401 provided for preservation of reasonable parenting.  Under the US Constitution Virginia can provide for a broader anti-discrimination policy than 'race, color and national origin.'  To do so would assist in the placement of children in need.  What the Adminstration fails to see is that one parent families, two same-gender parent families, parents with green hair or those with body piercings all can be 'successful' parents of 'successful' children.  What is important is not narrow political agendas, but standing on the side of love for the child. 

There is no credible evidence from reputable, peer-reviewed scientific sources, that children raised by gay and lesbian parents suffer disadvantages.  In fact thirty years of scientific research and nearly every  major child welfare organization confirm that children raised in gay and lesbian households have exactly the same opportunities and chances to lead healthy and fulfilling lives as every other child.

Adoption agencies are the gatekeepers for a government process.  Many agencies are also licensed for foster care placement services.  These are unquestionably government functions because foster children are in state custody.  Discrimination limits the pool of foster parents available to love and nurture these vulnerable children in desperate need of homes. 

Reducing discriminatory regulations in adoption and foster care is desirable.

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