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10/10/11  1:52 pm
Commenter: Danielle M. Currier, Randolph College

Children need loving parents. Period.

If one puts the health, well-being, and overall emotional welfare of children and adolescents as a priority, then one must support the rights of ALL people to be parents.

All credible, valid, reliable, and verifiable research in the fields of family studies, psychology, child development, and sociology shows incontrovertibly that above all, children need loving, stable, giving parents, IRRESPECTIVE of sexual orientation.

The movement to prevent all but heterosexual people to have parental rights or to adopt or foster  children is misguided, ignorant,  and is a form of child abuse in and of itself.

Those who believe that glbt persons cannot be good parents should educate themselves on the massive amount of research that has been done over the past 40 years showing exactly the opposite -- that glbt parents raise happy, healthy, and productive children.

It is time for all of us to stand up for the rights of children and insist that our lawmakers give people in the glbt community the SAME RIGHTS as heterosexuals.

Why Not?

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