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10/10/11  12:45 pm
Commenter: Bob Ballenger

Religious Beliefs & Prejudice Have No Place in Adoption Decisions

Religious beliefs should not be taken into account when making public policy decisions.  To do otherwise violates the separation of church and state.   If religious organizations wish to participate in the adoption process then they need to treat everyone equally and not discriminate in adoption placement because of their beliefs.  



Please do not let unfounded prejudices against gay and lesbians prevent children from being placed in happy loving homes of gay and lesbian couples.  There is no credible evidence, from reputable, peer-reviewed scientific sources, that children raised by gay and lesbian parents suffer disadvantages.  In fact 30 years of scientific research and nearly every major child welfare organization confirm that children raised in gay and lesbian households have exactly the same opportunities and chances to lead healthy and fulfilling lives as every other child. 

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