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10/10/11  12:42 pm
Commenter: Fred krohn, Vanishing Tower

Suggestions for Fair Treatment

1) Classify blatant homophobia as a mental disorder. Such diseased people and attitudes should not be allowed to contaminate our new citizens. Similarly, consider extremes of any sexuality (nude displays and protests off the grounds of a nudist camp, conviction as a flasher or molester, regardless of preferred partner gender) as the same sort of infraction. Sex should be something done for predefined consenting audiences or in private, not as a 'glorious public spectacle'.

2) Begin a program to dæmonise homophobia and especially homophobic violence. Violent attacks on people for no good reason, including sexual preferences, should be prosecuted regardless of the type of victim. End the curse of intolerance - and repeal all marriage amendments as the frauds they are; that's NOT the business of government to decide.

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