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10/10/11  12:39 pm
Commenter: Laurie Blackburn, private citizen, adoptive parent

Whoever is able to give them a loving home...

As an adoptive parent, I can testify first-hand about the power of giving your heart to children who need a loving family and stable home.  My children were adopted into a hetero-normative family, but after raising them for seven years, I know that the "straight" part of the family equation is in many ways incidental.  It is the "love and devotion" part which makes all the difference in the world.

I have many gay friends and many straight friends, most of whom are or would be wonderful loving parents.  A few of the gay ones wouldn't make the best parents, and a few of the straight ones wouldn't either.  The point is, homo- vs. hetero- is not a particularly useful criteria to measure parenting.  It's other tangible and intangible things (stable home; ability to pur the child's needs first; commitments to education, health care, spiritual development; building confidence, self-esteem, independence, empathy, good decision-making, etc.) that make a wonderful parent.

And if a child doesn't have a loving home and needs one, it's absolutely nonsensical to deprive him/her of the opportunity for a happy life because of tired old prejudices and disproven canards about the dangers of families with homosexual parent(s).

I urge you to put the needs of children above the needs of idealogues to push a particular agenda.  Please reject any efforts to discriminate against foster and/or adoptive parents based on sexual orientation.

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