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10/10/11  11:33 am
Commenter: Marti Gunnoe

Preserve Religious Freedom

I am writing this because I am an adoptive mother of two beautiful children and I am very concerned that my religious freedom is in danger! My husband and I adopted our children through the Liberty Godparent Home/ Family Life Services, a Christian based adoption agency. The reason we chose this agency is because they share the same beliefs and values that we do. We believe marriage is between one man and one woman and that is the kind of family a child should be adopted into. Our government does not have the right to tell a PRIVATE agency they have to let a homosexual couple adopt, that is called RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!! They are a private agency! What's next... is the government going to tell us we can't share our beliefs? I know our children's birthmother's also chose this agency because they wanted two Christian parents to raise their child.

I believe our government needs to review what the word PRIVATE means they need to stay out!!

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