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10/10/11  11:25 am
Commenter: E L Clay

Gay Adoption and Civil rights

I think we all agree that God creates life through a biological process that creates individuals that are tall, short, blond, dark, creative, not so creative, etc. and those  perfectly "normal" and those not the "average" physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Why can't, in the year 2011, as technically sophisticated as we are many people can not understand that God creates individuals who are attracted to a  person of their same sex and therefore prefer to mary a person of their same sex. These people, as creations of God and the union of a man and a woman, are no more different than a 7' man, a genius, an epileptic, or anyother wonderful God creation known as man/woman.

Homosexuals do not choose to be be attracted to a person of their same sex any more than a "straight" person makes a decission to be attracted to the opposite sex. I know this because I am a 73 year old man born and raised in VA who did not choose to be attracted to a person of my sex. In fact, I made every effort to deny, ignore, and run from what I deep down knew to be my truth. I made a good father and husband until that life ended because of a horrible auto accident which took the life of my daughter and wife. Since then I have followed  my truth as God intended me and very happily lived with a same sex spouse.

Gay people are only different in that they were born with a desire to be with a same sex partner. They should be allowed to mary and adopt and have the full rights of anyother citizen. God never intended that only certain people should have the right to certain privaledges in  his world. 


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