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10/8/11  10:52 pm
Commenter: Here in virginia`

I politely ask...

I am a mother of one,college student,wife,hard worker for  a non-profit.I am a fellow christian and I am appalled by some peoples misinformed reaction to gays and lesbians adopting.With our high abortion rates and unwanted teen pregnancies...I say why not let gay and lesbian community rasie these children without homes.Otherwise the unwanted children will be aborted or be rasied as some "check" in a foster home,or even worse be abused and grow up as criminals! So if gays and lesbians are decent people that can provide a loving financially sound environment;then why not let them?Do not deny them the joy of raising a child  basedon personal bias. Please give them an opportunity to make a  difference in a childs life today!

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