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10/8/11  1:16 pm
Commenter: Ronald Nist

Virginia Regulatory Activity: Adoption

Not having been born in Virginia, I have lived in the state the majority of my life (50+ years).  l have done so because Virginia has historically followed a path of commensense politics on the basis of its founding fathers who understood the role of government and the role of religion therein.  

With so many chilren being left in this world, never mind this state, without loving parents, I am saddened to find Virginia government seemingly bent on increasing the odds.  The choice of sexual orientation is just that--a choice.  No where else in nature do I find it to occur as a choice.  But here we are talking about human beings, not deer, not dogs, not snakes, etc.

While I'm not in favor of placing chilren in homosexual or lesbian households, I must concede in admitting that loving parents are better than no parents in a childs case.  Forcing faith-based adoption agencies to place children into homes that conflict with their religion is on the surface discriminitory.   The ACLU has historically fought what it believes to be government intrusion into the rights of its citizens, so why the apparent double standard.

Please Virginia, do the right thing and make no laws restrictinig the religious freedoms of its citizens.  Our children will be better for it.





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