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10/8/11  10:02 am
Commenter: Mark Granger

Support Religious Freedom. Don't allow the state to discriminate against faith based organizations.

The State Board of Social Services was right to decide not to infringe upon the much needed charitable activities of faith based organizaitons.

Faith based organizations and people of faith should not be forced to comply with other people's beliefs when those beliefs are against their own deeply held beliefs and convictions.  They should also not be forced into a situation where they can not continue to provide a very needed service because they do not do it in accordance with the beliefs of others.  Their right to follow their own beliefs was recognized in our federal constitution and should not be discarded by the state.

Please continue to uphold the rights and religious freedoms of these organizaitons, and do not impose other peoples discriminatory beliefs in favor of same-sex adoptions on all of us.  Neither the state or any activist group within it has the right to do so.


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