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10/8/11  2:37 am
Commenter: Matthew J. Richmond

Adoption Anti-Discrimination Regulations

As a voter in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, I am appalled at the possible plans to deny homosexual couples the opportunity to provide foster homes to kids.  Fact:  1,000 Virginian kids really need caring homes and likely miss being part of a family.  Another fact:  time and again, the best way to stop crime, promote a well educated generation, solid morals and self-esteem, begins with positive home environments be it gay or straight.  Any private or state agency decisions for adoption ought to be judged on the best interest of the child per the merits of each case in 21st century Virginia, instead of one prejudicial verse written in the Bible three millennia ago.   Please do not permit the forces of fear and bigotry to prevail over love and truth for our chidlrens' well being.  Thank you for the consideration.

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