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10/8/11  12:37 am
Commenter: Kevin Trask

The common sense thing to consider is this.

If my tax dollars are being spent  and used to support child welfare, and orphanages, even so much as 1cent; Then Its unconsionable that you would use my own tax dollars to discriminate against me.  Its simple. Religious freedom and moral opinion stop at my front door. when they cross the threshold of my home things start to get ugly. We must not blur the lines of right and wrong. all the medical associations. State that; children raised in same sex house holds are equally well adjusted and productive. I would dare as for a line up of children and you to place 1/4 of the children from same sex homes. Now ask someone who does not know the children to identify the children of same sex couples. That is what we are talking about. Do children do well in same sex house holds? The answer is unquestionably yes.  

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