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10/7/11  1:06 pm
Commenter: Kathy Hertz Kinter

Adoption and sexual orientation

Dear Madams and Sirs,

I am a resident of Virginia and need to stress my complete support for the right of fit and loving parents to adopt children in need of homes regardless of the sexual orienttion of the adoptive parents.  With over 1,000 children waiting to be adopted in VA, it is unconsionable that decisions based on prospective parents should be based on discriminatory factors unrelated to good parenting.  Study after study confirms that sexual orientation has no negative bearing on a person's ability to parent and that children raised by gay parents suffer no negative consequenses as a result of their parents sexual orientation.   

Parents should be considered based on their ability to provide a loving, secure environment.  Sexual orientation should not factor in the decision making.

I believe that when agencies act in the stead of the state, they should be bound by principles of non-discrimintation, even if they are private agencies.


Thank you.

Kathy Kinter

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