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10/7/11  12:48 pm
Commenter: Fredrick Waltzinger, Richmond resident, voter, taxpayer

Unfair prctices based on steriotypes should go

Being a parent or foster parent is a job, not one that pays but still a job. Agencies finding families to place children with are escentially hirring them to be parents. In this country you can not discrimiante based on age, sex, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or race when hiring. Why should this be different? Private faith based agencies that are providing a state service should be subject to the anti discriminatory standards of the state. This is not about governemnt interference, it is faith based bigots who are interfering with the state here. Hate is not good policy. The Commonwealth of VA should make sure that agencies placing kids with families do so based on the needs of teh child for a loving home and not on their individual prejudices which have no bearing in the real world.

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