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10/6/11  9:33 pm
Commenter: Elizabeth Stevens

Regarding protection against discrimination in the adoption process.

I'm a registered voter, and have lived in Virginia Beach for most of the past 22 years.  I'm also a Catholic, and heterosexual.  However, I understand that in this day and age, the definition of a family has been expanded beyond mother, father, brother, sister. 

There are hundreds of children in this state alone who are passed over for adoption.  Foster care and orphanages are not meant to be places children grow up, but way stations on the path to a loving home.   That people who are able to give these children loving, safe homes and provide for their education and health care needs, are denied the opportunity to adopt because of their sexuality is wrong.

The basic fact is that a large percentage of advocates for preventing homosexuals adopting are basing this on their religious beliefs, traditional definitions, or bigotry.  Without these three, there is no reason to continue the discrimination.  However, none of these reasons are valid.   Separation of church and state logically bars the use of religious definitions when determining the rights of US citizens to legal actions.  Our history has shown that when a tradition is inherently wrong, citizens speak up and act to amend the injustice.  I don't think bigotry is one that I need to address. 

Studies have shown that there are no detrimental effects to being raised in a same-sex-parent home.  I ask that you show reason, and protect same-sex couples from discrimination.  Protect their right to provide a safe, loving home for a child in need.

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