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10/6/11  6:16 pm
Commenter: Jasper Hendricks, Citizen of the Commonwealth/Voter/Tax Payer

Begin to put an end to discrimination in VA, for the sake of the Children

In this current political climate, there is no doubt that some elected officials and special interest groups will try to place their own political agendas ahead of the best interests of kids.  Numbers indicate that over 2,000 young people aged out of the Virginia foster care system alone last year, therefore putting them at significantly higher risk for poverty and homelessness, early pregnancy and incarceration.  We have an obligation to take care of these children - and without providing loving and caring homes regardless of sexual orientation, we will be failing.  Many children in the foster care system have already had a difficult start in life, and some come from less than ideal homes and families.  The longer they are stuck in foster care being shuffled from placement to placement, the less likely they'll have an opportunity to put their lives on the right track.  

This rule only deals with public adoptions and have no impact on the private adoptions and religiously affiliated organizations can continue to to carry on with their private adoptions.  As a black gay man who has 2 nephews and a niece I would want the opportunity to care for these children should something is to happen to their parents, however if you allow discrimination to take place then these children will be forced into a system in which they will not receive the type of care that myself or any other relative (aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent) who happens to be gay can give them.  



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