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10/6/11  3:42 pm
Commenter: Shelley Coss

Discrimination in Adoption Practices

I am a voting resident of Virginia.

When a good citizen wants to give his or her life to the bringing up of a child, biases based on religion, race, sexual orientation, etc, should not be part of the decision.  So many children "in the system" are hungry for  the particular attention to their needs that a parent could give.

I have known more than one person raised by same sex parents. Intelligent, productive and happy.  I have known people raised in homes where each parent has had different religous (to say nothing of political) views. And I know lots of mixed race people and blended families. None of these have suffered but have instead thrived on the love and direction given.

Please work to eliminate bigotry especially in the field. Lots of young humans are living in hope that someone will want and value them. Let us be loving as well as wise in this process.

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