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10/6/11  3:02 pm
Commenter: Joan Kelly, Unity Church

The future of adoptive children...........

I am a 74 year old, voting white woman living in the state of Virginia. 

It is my opinion that all children without parents need them - desperately.  There is no way you can tell me that McDonnell,  Cuccinelli, Rigell or Goodlatte, et al, know who makes a good parent and who doesn't. 

Unless crimes are committed, government, state or federal, has no business in deciding the way lives are lived.  The sexual or religious bent of a person does not make them better or worse than another in any way.  Priests commit sodomy.  Homosexual people make beautiful parents. 

Parenthood can not be not decided upon by political affiliation.  The best interests of the child, alone, should determine their adoptive parents.   

Thank you for your consideration.

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