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10/6/11  2:25 pm
Commenter: Lynsay Gott

anti-discrimination in adoption

I am a Virginia resident and voter.  I urge you to include anti-discrimination provisions in the regulations governing adoption agencies.  Decisions regarding adoptive parents should be based on the best interests of the children in question, not on politics, misinformation, or fear-mongering.  Bigotry against prospective parents based on gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or family status results in nothing more than condemning children to live longer in foster care instead of going to loving homes.  Every child deserves a loving family, and political forces should not be allowed to undermine the process of getting children out of foster care and into new families.  Childrens' lives are at stake, and adoption policies should be based on the needs of those children, not the needs of politicians' careers.

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