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10/6/11  9:42 am
Commenter: Scott Prohaska

Remove government intrusion = maintain religious freedom
Many of the posts would have you believe that passing the bill in its current form would LIMIT THE FREEDOM of any child placing agencies to place children in GLBT homes. NOT SO! In reality, the wording does just the opposite -- it GRANTS MORE FREEDOM to allow agencies to place children as they see fit. If agency A wants to place a child in a home without regard to the parent(s) sexual orientation, THEY WOULD BE FREE TO DO THAT. If agency B wants to consider only two parent, heterosexual families, then THEY WOULD AND SHOULD BE FREE TO DO THAT. Allowing the regulation to pass with the additional restrictions would TAKE AWAY FREEDOM. It is freedom and liberty to live our lives as we see fit WITHOUT government intrusion that has helped make this country the best place in the world to live.
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