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10/6/11  9:32 am
Commenter: Chris Allen

Religious Freedom???

I noticed many of the later entries put forward the notion that Catholic adoption services would be "forced to close" if anti-discrimanation clauses are kept in the legislation, and they're putting forth the argument that these clauses violate religious freedom.

So let me get this straight: by including these clauses, the government is *forcing* Catholic and other religious services to close down and stop handling adoptions? That's not the real nub of the matter; what this really means is that the Catholic and other organizations are forced to choose between saving children from growing up in Foster Care, and something that offends their religious sensibilities. No one is *forcing* them to choose retaining a discriminatory belief over the welfare of a child---it's their *choice* to close down.

In other words, apparently they believe either that LGBT's raising a child will ensure that child will be gay, or that gay families themselves are a sin much greater than the sin of denying a child a loving, supportive home.

To those who support this view, perhaps you should try visiting these children in person, to learn of the damage they've already received in life, and to see their faces when you tell them that they *can't* get a loving family because your church believes they're better off bouncing around in foster care, if the choice is between foster care, and a gay family.

THAT is what this is about: real children, with real lives, who've suffered real wounds, and who desperately need a loving family where they know they can put down roots and grow.

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