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10/6/11  9:14 am
Commenter: Chris Allen

Thomas Jefferson wouldn't discriminate in finding good homes for children in need

Please restore the anti-discrimination requirements to this legislation. Consider this: most gays were raised in heterosexual households, and most children raised by gays grow up to be heterosexual---in other words, it's *not* environment that causes a child to be gay. Environment *does* play a critical factor in a child feeling loved, learning self-confidence, and being well cared-for.

Whether you are fine with gays or homophobic, what matters here is that LGBT parents can offer loving homes and give children an accepting and supporting family to grow up in. Given that there are *already* too many children in need and not enough homes to go around, preventing LGBT people from adopting is a criminal disservice to these children.

And to anyone so homophobic as to object, are YOU willing to take up the slack and adopt all the rejected children? No? Then get out of the way with your personal prejudices, and let someone who IS willing to help do so.

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