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10/5/11  6:03 pm
Commenter: Average Joe

Protect religious freedom

Please consider several things with regard to the Board of Social Services and their already voted on decision (7-2) to protect faith based adoption organizations: 1) These regulations have already been discussed and approved by the BSS through standard procedure.

 2) The proposed amended language to force faith based agencies to violate the very basis for which they exist is equal to me as a store keeper being forced to sell beer when I don't believe people should drink.

3) Choosing to not do something based on conviction is as essential to each person within the Commonwealth as the freedom to choose to do. Please consider the precedent of upsetting the scales of freedom through governmental regulation. What could be the liberty that you value that may be open for attack?  There are already agencies available that are willing and able to assist in homosexual adoptions. The net result of attempting to stifle the freedom of faith based agencies will not increase the availability of adoptable children, it will actually decrease the opportunities as agencies begin to close their doors after being discriminated against for the faith that has been guaranteed to all Americans to pursue and express, whether atheist, Hindu,Jew,Muslim,Buddhist or Christian. Please think of your own rights as you consider this issue. 

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