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10/5/11  2:13 pm
Commenter: Anne Creasy, Citizen

Please Reject the Proposed Regulation changing private adoption agency rules

Dear Board of Social Services Members,

I am a Virginia citizen and just had a little baby girl last year.  She is the apple of my eye and I love her so much.  I am sure there are other mothers out there that decide they must opt for adoption of their little one and would like to choose a faith-based adoption agency. 

Please preserve the freedom of faith-based adoption agencies to continue their mission of placing children in homes with both a mother and father.  While not everyone is fortunate enough to have both parents in the picture, I truly believe this is how we were designed to grow up and be nurtured. 

While you may not personally agree with my own philosophy about this, I urge you to reject the proposed regulation that would no longer allow private faith based adoption agencies to continue placing children in homes with both parents and deny those agencies the ability to fulfill their mission. 

Thank you for considering my view.

Best Regards,

Anne K. Creasy

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