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10/5/11  12:44 pm
Commenter: Dr. Keith R. Shelton

Clildren need parents.

At the moment we do not have adoptive parents for all the children needing parents.  Therefore, any time a potential loving, supportive, and responsible adoptive parent is prevented from being able to adopt, some poor innocent child is denied a suitable parent.  Studies by psychologists have demonstrated that children of same sex parents are,if anything, a bit more emotionally stable than children of heterosexual parents.  

Is it fair to allow people who feel justified in denying a child the parents he needs simply because they are unwilling to listen to reason?  These people believe that they have a right to force other citizens to follow their dogma. and consider the needs of the child to be less valid than their dogma or prejudices.  That's not what the Constitution says.  It says you can practice your own religion but it denies you the right to force anybody else to practice it.

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