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10/5/11  12:21 pm
Commenter: Paul Prebilic

Adoption Discrimination

I would like to take the position that faith based organizations should be able to evaluate candidate parents based upon their reasonable long held moral values.  To deny this right to faith based organization will most likely take them out of the adoption business altogether and thus deny a segment of potential adoptable children a means of being adopted.  Furthermore, all adoption agencies make value judgements on the perspective parents.  I'm sure many of the agencies that say it is discrimination to not allow adoption by same sex couples would most likely deny adoption of a parent that is a racist, a sexist, or a sufferer of a psycological/emotional illness.  It is clearly unfair to say that some traditional forms of value judgements are acceptable and others are not.  For this reason, I urge to you accept the anti-discrimination policy which will allow faith based organization to operate according to their long held beliefs as to what is best for the child.


Paul Prebilic

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