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10/5/11  11:56 am
Commenter: Beatrice Conner - Virginian citizen

Preserve religious freedom

I am EXTREMELY concerned with the new Virginia adoption regulations that have been proposed.  The way I understand it, it would REQUIRE that all adoption organizations be REQUIRE to provide adoption services to homosexuals.  This would require all the religious adoption agencies that oppose this requirement based on their faith to close their doors. 

What will happen to all those children that will never be adopted because there will now be fewer agencies working on their behalf?  What authority does the state have in telling our religous organizations what to stand for and what to do?

There are already plenty of organizations that will work with the homosexual community to place children.  Therefore, I do NOT understand your desire to make this change.  You will be breaking down a system that works and replacing it with one that will be broken apart.

Please reconsider this legal requirement.

Most Sincerly,

Beatrice Conner

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