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10/5/11  8:25 am
Commenter: Christy Burns

I support nondiscrimination policy for potential parents

As citizens of this country who pay taxes and who conform to the laws of our country, gay and lesbian folks bear the same burden of tax and responsibility in this state, and are just as able to be good parents, raising children to be thoughtful towards other people and the world, to make intelligent decisions, to avoid selfishness, and to be good citizens. I see no grounds for discriminating against any category of individuals. Statistically, a child is more likely to be molested by a heterosexual parent or relative than by a gay or lesbian relative/parent,so why single out lesbians and gays?  Rumor and phobia shoudl not sway good public policy. Please support this bill, creating fairness and equality in the important role of parent selection.

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