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10/4/11  11:11 pm
Commenter: HJL, citizen

Don't Discriminate Against Religion

If the new regulations are adopted, it will force adoption agencies who believe it is wrong to place children with same-sex couples to shut their doors.  This is not a hypothetical situation.  Both MA and DC have adopted regulations similar to those proposed here, and faith-based charities closed their doors.

Those doors are being shut to more than just potential adoptive families -- they would be shut to the children in desperate need of a home.  Statistics about what kind of home is suitable for raising children are not the issue here.  The issue here is to ensure that everyone's right to religious freedom is protected -- even for those with whom we disagree.

The Virginia Constitution provides that her citizens be "free from any governmental discrimination upon the basis of religious conviction." (Section 11)  Section 16 also provides for the free exercise of religion, as well as other related freedoms.

Please uphold our wonderful Commonwealth's Constitution and the tradition of our great nation and allow the agencies themselves to choose whether to allow same-sex couples to adopt the children temporarily in their care.

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