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10/4/11  8:37 pm
Commenter: M. Copas, US Vet

Support Freedom of Religion - Not Religious Persecution

Support Freedom of Religion - Not Religious Persecution.

*Catholic and Christian adoption and placement agencies have the right to operate and not be persecuted against because they follow the precepts of their religion.

*Gay "anti-discrimination" organizers insist that everyone accept the idea that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle.  However, despite our typical sympathy for people in this lifestyle, there is no mandate to force religious communities and organizations to endorse homosexuality in their operational decisions. 

*Would-be gay adoptive parents are not compelled to use religious agencies to adopt children.  Religious agencies in no way enjoy a monopoly on offering such services. 

While other states in this union may enjoy practicing religious discrimination and persecution, neither the citizens nor taxpayers of Virginia believe that such an exercise is in the scope of government or a practice that a responsible and accountable government would endeavor.

Compelling Christian or Catholic adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples in contravention of religious doctrine is an abuse of governmental power and unconstitutional.  Virginia is a DOMA state.  Any proposal that would punish a religious agency for following its principles not only defies the US Constitution and most citizen's concept of freedom of religion, but it also defies Virginia's own DOMA statute. 

In addition, your practice of exposing the names of commenters invites mischief, doesn't it?  Surely you are aware of the violence and so forth in the western states that some "gay activists" practiced in the public arena... Your lack of wisdom in this is interesting, and I will contact the Governor and the Attorney General to determine what motive you would have -- except to encourage similar miscreant activities and a suppression of public commentary.  You have been very helpful in providing a link to the Governor's website. 


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