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10/4/11  3:30 pm
Commenter: Paul S. Kraft, active VOTING citizen

Preserve religious freedom


I am very concerned about the direction our State is taking, in bowing to the LGBT lobby and thereby attempting to LIMIT the rights of religious institutions to implement policies that are in keeping with their religious beliefs.  In April, the State Board of Social Services upheld the right of faith-based child placement agencies to continue their helping children and families without governmental intrusion into the practice of their faith. 


Many birthmothers and families share those same values and to NOT want their children to be adopted by those whose values are in direct opposition to their own.  In accordance with their religious views, THEY should have the right to select an agency whose beliefs/values/practices mirror their own.  Forcing agencies and individuals to choose between following their own values or following the proposed discriminatory regulation would be an unprecedented violation of religious freedom in Virginia.


I ask that those who are considering this issue remember that religious liberty is foundational to our Commonwealth and our country.  George Mason's Bill of Rights (adopted first in VA) was the basis for the 1st 14 amendments to the US Constitution.  Can we please honor this proud tradition, and not cave to the self-seeking intimidation of a very small, albeit vocal, component of our population?

I appreciate your consideration of my comments.

P. S. Kraft

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