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10/4/11  3:06 pm
Commenter: Diohn Benedict

Religous freedom



Why must faith based agencies have to choose between abandoning their  core values and providing services to children?  What has happened to our freedom, our diversity?  Must everyone fall in lockstep with the LGBT agenda?  Can no other view be permitted............for anyone?  Must all conform to that one view?  How can that be what is best for children?  Faith based agencies were among the first to address the needs of these children needing families.   It was because of their commitment to their beliefs that they stepped up to the plate when no one else found it to be politically expedient.  To exclude them now (and to deprive children possible opportunities) because they don't fit into some politically correct paradigm is unconscionable.  Let the gay people adopt if they want to but does that require that they control everyone elses opportunity to adopt as well? 

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