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10/4/11  3:05 pm
Commenter: James K. Findley

preserve religious freedom

It is imperative that the right of organizations that provide adoption services to place children based on religious views be maintained.

Raising children is a grave responsibility, and no one argues that prospective adoptive parents should pass some level of evaluation to ensure they are fit for the responsibility.  A basic metric to evaluate prospective parents is their openness to life.  Since homosexual unions are intrinsically void of the possibility of transmitting life, the act is in opposition to the nature of our sexuality.  This understanding does not diminish the dignity of the homosexual person, but recognizes that the act itself is disordered.  While many people may realize that those that embrace a disordered lifestyle are not acceptable adoptive parents, religious organizations appear to be the only organizations that will risk persecution to act according to their convictions.  We should honor their dedication to the well-being of children and emulate their courage.

Please do all possible to ensure that religious freedom is maintained.  Without it, we will all suffer, and our children will suffer most.


James K. Findley

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