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10/4/11  2:54 pm
Commenter: Les Potter

Preserve Religious Freedom

Please reject the proposed regulation that would force child placement agencies to adopt children to homosexuals.  On April 20, the State Board of Social Services rejected this kind of government intrusion and you should do so again.

The proposed regulation is an attack on faith-based child placement agencies.  If faith-based agencies are forced to place children into homosexual homes, many would feel compelled to stop offering such services.  Adoption for many is closely connected with religious conviction and deep soul searching.  To close down agencies providing such a great work to those of kindred belief would be disasterous to the parentless-children of Virginia.

The proposed regulation does not address a discrimination problem because there are already other agencies through which homosexuals can adopt.  Instead the regulation creates a discriminatory situation where people with religious convictions cannot find a like minded agency.  A disproportionate number of adoptions would then be made into homosexual homes rather than into typical family environments creating a discriminatory skew.

The proposed regulation would violate the religious rights (protected by Virginia and the United States) of faith based agencies and would immediately subject Virginia to expensive litigation.

Concerning those considering giving up their child for adoption, many are doing so as an alternative to abortion and have chosen the adoption route due to their faith.  The proposed regulation would turn many back to abortion as the only option, damaging women and robbing Virginia of a child's great potential.

I could go on.  Please reject the proposed regulation.

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