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10/4/11  12:18 pm
Commenter: Sarah McDaniel

Preserve Religious Freedom!

Unless it is going to cause true injury to others (not just hurt feelings), the rights of all faith-based agencies need to continue to be protected.  Our country was founded to create religious freedom, and that right needs to continue to be carefully guarded.  Currently, the majority of child-placing agencies in VA have some sort of religious affiliation, and restricting that would greatly restrict their ability to help those who need it most - the children of the world who need loving families.  There are many, many agencies out there for parents who are looking to adopt.  As adults, we need to stop focusing on the one or few agencies that we can't use because of religious differences, and remember the children who need us.  While we are wasting time, energy and finances bickering over why we can't go through one agency, children are growing up alone, aging out of government child-care systems, being sold as sex slaves, starving, dying.  Please uphold the right of faith-based organizations to continue to operate under their beliefs.  Please don't restrict the amazing work they are doing on behalf of the most vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world.  Please don't make them waste any more of their precious resources on more governmental interference!  You want them to respect your beliefs, so RESPECT THERS!  If you are truly concerned about the orphans of the world, then stop arguing about details and hurt feelings!  Find one of the many agencies you can agree with and put that energy into helping those who cannot help themselves!  

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