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10/4/11  9:25 am
Commenter: Michael Mehosky

Preserve Religious Freedom

To whom it may concern:

My wife and I adopted our daughter from China in November 2008. When we started our adoption process we knew that we wanted to use an agency that reflected our views as Christians. We chose our agency specifically on that regard and that regard alone. I personally believe this new action NOT to be in compliance with our constitutional rights. Below are the points that I uphold in reference to this action:

  • 22 VAC 40-131-170(B) as approved by the State Board of Social Services on April 20, 2011 recognizes the valuable services provided by faith-based child placing agencies and should be upheld.
  • 22 VAC 40-131-170(B) as approved on April 20 also upholds current federal and state laws.
  • Currently, 42 of the 60 licensed child-placing agencies in Virginia have some sort of religious affiliation. Any regulation that would limit the ability of these agencies to continue their life-saving work would have a lasting, negative impact on children.
  • Current Virginia law permits adoption by married couples and single individuals.
  • Many private child-placing agencies have deeply-held religious convictions regarding caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. These agencies have the right to make determinations according to these convictions.
  • Many birthparents and prospective adoptive parents also hold sincere religious beliefs on the family and have the right to choose to work with agencies that share these values.
  • If the Board of Social Services is truly serious about promoting the best interests of children, it will uphold the freedom of conscience of licensed child placing agencies.


Michael Mehosky

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