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10/2/11  9:38 am
Commenter: Rhonda Noble, RN, BSN, mother, new grandmother, wife, active voter, taxpaye

preserve religious freedom

The govenment has adoption agencies that allow all people including those who choose homosexuality as a lifestyle choice to adopt children.

Faith-based child placement agencies should NOT NOT NOT be forced to adopt children to homosexuals or others who do not hold to the beliefs of the agency picked by the mother of the child.

The number of homosexual practicing people is very minimal and to try to institute these regulations that would discriminate against faith based child placement agencies for a few is ridiculous.  If a homosexual chooses to adopt, they can go to the government agencies.  The mother of the child should be able to choose to go to an agency of her choice who has values  similar to her own instead of worrying that the adopting parent may hav very different ethics and faith and family values.

Please do not be threatened by the ACLU and Equality Virginia.  This is a shame!

Thank you for doing what is right and continue to allow mothers to have the freedom and faith based agencies to have their freedom.

Rhonda Noble RN BSN, mother, wife, grandmother, voter, taxpayer

Salem, VA 2415


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