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10/1/11  4:15 pm
Commenter: Trina Gregory

This is about children right?

Irregardless of where you stand on the subject of homosexual marriage or domestic partnerships everyone can agree that this is about children - right? No wrong. This is about our first amendment rights because the reasons that people give for not wanting homosexual couples adopting is religious in nature. So, in this country, do we make others sacrifice our freedom to worship and believe because another does not agree? No we do not and it would be wrong to be the cause of many adoption agencies to have to close their doors as happened in Massachusetts (Catholic adoption agencies had to close and they were the largest in the state for this very reason). This is not about stopping one group completely, it is about allowing people who disagree with you to still exist and to do what they feel is best for the children in accordance with their beliefs. The exception for faith-based agencies should be upheld.

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