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9/30/11  10:48 pm
Commenter: William C. Fox

Religious freedom? aren't public adoption agencies run by the state?

What does religious freedom have to do with anything! And what about separation of church and state?


First of all, according to what I’ve read of the prop and if I’ve understood it correctly the culture and religious background of the child and their previous family is taking into due consideration before a permanent placement is made. So, children of religious background may still remain with religious families. That’s good, yes, but how is allowing this anti-discriminatory clause, specifically the part about same sex couples (which should also include something about gender identification but does not), how is it restricting religious freedom? How especially if public adoption agencies are run by the state which I’ve been led to believe since early grade school that is supposed to be separate from the state? The only religious freedom that I see this, or any anti-discriminatory clause, squelching is the freedom to remove freedom from others because they are different.


Let’s not forget the children of course, because this is about the children, right? With so many children in foster care right now who in their right mind would deny them a home with two healthy parents that provide a healthy home environment, care and love, just because they are both the same sex and they love each other, or their gender isn’t necessarily what you expect it to be? It shouldn’t happen, no child should be denied a healthy family while they exist and are willing or even eager, to adopt.  Diversity is what makes the human race blossom it is how we’ve survived and how we’ve progressed through the ages, repressing diversity through discrimination just hurts us as human beings.

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