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9/29/11  6:50 pm
Commenter: J. Nelson

Support Anti-discrimination

While I understand the concerns of those advocating that this is a religious freedom issue, I'd like to point out that 1. not all agencies this would affect are religious-based; 2. taxpayer money should not be granted to those supporting discrimination; 3. sexual orientation, religion, gender, and political affiliation do not determine whether or not a person is "good" or can provide a loving home to a child. Virginia has a foster care placement rate of 3.2 per 1,000 children -- we need to focus on providing the best care possible to these children while getting them out of the State system and into permanent homes. Given how lengthy, expensive, and emotionally-draining the adoption process can be, you know that the applicants are invested and WANT to bring those children into their lives. The fear inherent in bigotry should not be allowed to dominate public policy that is for protecting the rights of everyone.

Personally, I find it sad that a person can get a security clearance to protect our country and be entrusted with national secrets, but may be denied the right to raise a child in a loving, supportive home in the State of Virginia due to religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender.

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