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9/27/11  9:22 am
Commenter: Chris Hill

Protect My Religious Freedoms

I support the fair treament of all people with the utmost dignity and respect as human beings.  Thus, I do not infringe on a homosexual's right to seek legal rights such as civil unions, equal opportunity in employment, etc.  This is what I would expect Jesus to do -- he came to call sinners, not the righteous; and we're all sinners.

However, I do not believe the state should infringe on established religious beliefs and dictate the manner in which religious organizations exercise health care or adoption, which is done in accordance with their doctrine.

The bottom line:  Allow Catholics to be Catholics and run their organizations appropriately.  And as always, remember why it is many Americans came to the New World in the first place -- to escape religious persecution.  Please don't become the persecutor.

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