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9/26/11  7:56 pm
Commenter: Vicki Yeroian

Two parent households are better than one

In my current studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, I have learned over and over again (in Human Sexuality, in Developmental Psychology, in Social Work and the Helping Process, in Sociology, and others) that two parent households are far more beneficial for a child's development than a one parent household. These studies also find that the two parental figure benefit is not limited to having a "male" and a "female." This is proven true in instances such as when a single mother and her mother raise that single mother's children work better than when the single mother is left alone.

But that also means that two men or two women can properly adopt and raise a psychologically and physically healthy child. And that means a woman and her wheelchair bound significant other can ably adopt and raise a healthy child. Please end allowing for the discrimination of people based on gender, age, ability-status, political/religious affliliation, and especially sexual orientation for adoption in our state. Children need two parent households; don't help keep children at a clear economic, social, and psychological disadvantage!

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