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9/26/11  4:47 pm
Commenter: Russell

Preserve Religious Freedom

LGBT adults have made a choice to live an alternative lifestyle.  While others in Virginia must accept their choice, LGBT adults should not have the right to impose their choice on innocent children.  These children have the right to a mother and a father, and we should not shortchange them by placing them in harmful alternative lifestyles.  Yes, it is harmful to them because these children face future ostracism by their peers, future confused sexual identity and future emotional confusion and pain.

If biology (and God) dictates that both, and only both together, a man and a woman are necessary to create and become the parents of a child, who is anyone else to say that two men or two women should be able to take over that child?  If two men cannot create a child, nor two women create a child, then neither should they be allowed to become parents of children. That is the natural law of biology (and God).

Virginians have a duty to protect children and to keep them from the harmful alternative lifestyle choices of LGBT adults - particularly of those who want to 'parent' them.

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