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9/26/11  12:18 pm
Commenter: Peter M. Borromeo Esq.

Republican opposed to discrinimation

As a Republican long active in the Party (as a senior Congressional staffer, Presidential Transition Team and Adminstration appointee,  staffer at the RNC and NRCC and, in Virginia, as a Party Precinct captain and County Committee member), I am saddened that a State Administration led by members of my own Party would consider adopting rules which are openly discriminatory as was proposed in April by the State Board of Social Services. 

Although I’m not gay, I’ve known gay and lesbian couples who have been loving adoptive parents and know that there are many others who wish to also be so and am saddened that our State would attempt to deny them that opportunity (while also denying children the happiness and security of being in a loving and protective home environment) solely because of what could only be called blatant discrimmination.

The Party of Abraham Lincoln, who gave his life fighting to end discrimination, should not discriminate against its citizens for any reason, be it sexual orientation, gender, religion, age or disability, as is now proposed by the Board.  In the name of all that is just and fair, please restore the anti-discrimination language that was previously in the State Rules and Regulations.

Thank you.

Peter M. Borromeo, Esq.

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