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9/25/11  3:34 pm
Commenter: Amanda Schutt

Preserve Religious Freedom

Previously this Spring, the State Board of Social Services rightly upheld the fundamental right of faith-based child service agencies to continue helping children and families without governmental interference. It is the agency's right under federal and state law to make decisions consistent with their religious beliefs, including beliefs about marriage and family life. Adoptive and birthparents may also wish to work with agencies that uphold their beliefs and values and have every right to do so. Adding discriminatory language to the regulations would not increase the number of children being adopted into homes, it would decrease it by forcing private faith-based child placement agencies to stop fulfilling their mission. Virginia already has existing public and private agencies that facilitate homosexual adoptions, we do not need to force other faith-based agencies to violate their faith and allow this type adoption as well. Forcing individuals and agencies to make a choice between their own values or the proposed discriminatory regulation would be a violation of religious freedom in Virginia which is foundational to our Commonwealth and country. Please reject any regulation that discriminates against faith-based child placement agencies and help preserve their rights.

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